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12/6/05 11:11 am

Miles and I broke up... :( B/c Supposidly he doesn't like me "in that way." Which, I dont have that much of a problem with... I guess you can't force yourself to care for someone right? But I've wanted him for like 2 years, and I finally got him, for only one week. Now it's over and Im not sure weather im going to move in with him. Im so confused because this keeps happening. I'll never learn will I? I guess I'll just stay single for a while, until someone can show me that they care. (which will probably never come).

12/5/05 01:38 pm

Not much to say about today...
Just Chillin in school, minding my own buisness.
Only one class period left.
Bored with everyone that is here and everything in town.
Can't wait until Graduation.
When I can move in with Miles(my bf)
Surely not going to miss this place.
Lunch sucked.
I got fat eating Cheetos.
Was supposed to do work this hour but skipped out on it to write in here!
That's about it for today.
~ Love, Gavin ~

12/3/05 02:13 pm

Im going out with Miles which makes me dreadfully happy. I've been waiting what, two years to get to this point with him, and since about a year ago it's been a plan to move in with him. Im happy, and I finally broke up with Ariel and now im good. Thats about it for now. ~love~

11/27/05 04:49 pm

So I kind of wish that I didn't have a girlfriend, I wish I had a boyfriend instead. *random thought:* You know, every one always questions me on weather or not i'm the male or female in a gay relationship. Honestly, I LOVE being the bitch. I may come across as a little bit of the dominant type, but ultimately I enjoy being the female. Which is why I think im having troubles with the fact that Im with a girl right now. I really think Im gay, not BI. Im not sure weather or not to stay with this girl because she's really cool, dont get me wrong it's just that I think maybe she's sister cool, not girlfriend cool... In fact Up until her, I didn't think any girls were dating cool. Now, no offense but girls are just stupid from time to time and Im not sure I can handle it anymore. I love boys, and not girls... Im sorry.

11/21/05 01:32 pm - Welcome to my journal ! How may I be of service?

Welcome to my journal! My name is Gavin Scott Hart and I live in Freeport Illinois. I am 17 years old and I am a senior in highchool. I would describe my style as unique/punk/goth, whatever you would like to call me. I can honeslty say that my love life is in no need of tune-up time, and I enjoy the company of both genders. Usually I prefer males though. Most of the time they taste better. But I have a girlfriend at the moment. I enjoy being proper, yet sloppy and just having a dandy time. I don't eat or wear any animal products, and I dont think it's funny if you do, honestly I think it's tasteless, plus it makes you fat and kills you faster. I am a smoker, I do smoke cigarettes and drink a little wine or beer every weekend or so, but I wouldn't consider it a problem. Add me if you would like, I probably wont add you until I get to know you a little more. Tootels!
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